Cho was a beautiful Asian woman, trained in the art of pleasing. Feel good reading for Friday:

Inside the bedroom Cho took off all her clothing, laid down on her bed and spread her legs wide. She began playing with her pussy with one hand, her tits with the other and in that cute sexy accent asked me to make love to her.
Quickly getting undressed, I was thinking she was working and asked her how much it would cost. With a frown she shook her finger at me, “Just make love to me Billy, I don’t want any money, you’ve been so nice to me. I just need you to inside of me.”
I rushed to the bed, knelt down, pulled her over to the edge and began running my tongue up the inside of her left leg. Reaching her lovely pussy I ran my tongue up and down her outer lips, and then suckled them, while I kneaded her perky tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, turning them into hard little bullets. Then I licked my way up her body to her tits and began sucking and licking, alternating between each breast while massaging the other breast with one hand and lightly spanking her pussy with my other hand. After several minutes of this, I licked and kissed my way back down her body and her right leg to her ankle, then back up to her wet pussy. I slowing licked and nibbled her intoxicating pussy, licking, sucking and lightly biting her clitoris, then sticking my tongue into her pussy, rolling and fucking as deep as I could. I continued to massage each tit with one hand while rubbing and massaging her legs. After tongue fucking her for several minutes I started sucking her clit and stuck my middle finger just inside her pussy, found her g-spot and rubbed.
Cho began trashing and bucking, having an intense orgasm, splashing my face with her pussy juice. When she started to come down from her orgasm I joined her on the bed and while we kissed deeply, I finger fucked her through another orgasm. Cho broke off the kiss, moved down, and began to lick up and down my raging hard on, stopping to gum the sides, then licking under the rim of my cock head and back down to my balls. Taking each ball in her mouth separately she rolled them around in her mouth while she pumped up down and down on my shaft. She then licked her way back up my cock and taking my cock head just inside her mouth she sucked on it like it was a tootsie roll pop and she was trying to get to the creamy center, all the while swirling her tongue around and into my piss slit.
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