It probably already Wednesday for a lot of you since it’s almost 7:15 P.M. here in Las Vegas, but I wanted to share this before my Tuesday ends.
A little excerpt from my 1st book “Virginity Lost”
Even though she had cried out in pain as I broke through her hymen, I didn’t stop until my balls nestled against the crack of her ass. Her cries barely registered with me. My cock was inside her to the hilt and I was no longer a virgin!! I thought I knew what to expect, but I had been unprepared for the warmth and the feeling. It was like sticking my cock inside of an oven, her pussy was so hot. This was so unfamiliar to me I almost came at that moment. The other surprise was how encompassing the feeling of her pussy was. All of her pussy rubbed all of my cock and gripped it firmly but not too tightly.
I looked down and watched as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and then gently pressed it back in. She was so wet that I met little resistance as I sawed in and out of her. The lightning crackled and it thundered all around us, but I paid it no mind. I was fucking my first pussy and it was absolutely wonderful!
“M mm, that feels so good.” she moaned. “I love your cock!” “If you start to feel like you’re going to come please pull out, because we have no birth control.” I nodded and gave her an evil grin.
Though I had imagined this moment thousands of times, it was so much better than I had thought it would be. I stroked my cock in and out of her wet cunt, loving the feel of her pussy lips gripping the sides of my penis. Though I had almost come from the warmth, I was okay. Her earlier blow job had really done the trick. I started fucking harder and harder into her, loving the added friction. I pounded my dick deep into her cunt over and over. The thunder rolled all around us but the sound of my hips slapping down against Debbie was louder. “YES! THAT’S IT!” she screamed. “FUCK ME!!” I could smell her fuck juices as I stroked her cunt with my cock. It mixed with the smell of the rain to create an intoxicating perfume that filled my lungs as I gasped for breath. I was in heaven!
“I feel it starting,” I told her and rose up on my arms and jacked hammered my hips against her as fast as I could. I looked down at the pleasure on her face as she closed her eyes feeling my cock deep inside her. I watched her tits jiggle as I fucked her hard, jolting her body with each stroke. She grunted through a grimace of pleasure as her fingers scratched at my hips, urging me on.
The lightning struck close by rumbling loudly in my ears but if it killed me now, I’d die happy.. “Yes! Right there! Fuck me! I’m coming!” Debbie cried… gasped and moaned. I could feel her cunt suck and ripple around my cock as her orgasm swept over her. I watched her face as she came and it was beautiful. I fucked her with all my strength and the breeze from the storm did little to cool me down as I broke out in a sweat. I breathed deep as I rammed my prick hard and deep and held it there in her soft clinging wet pussy. I felt my balls tingling and I tried to pull out. But her cunt had clamped tight around my cock and would not let go! Rippling and stimulating me until I couldn’t hold back any longer.
Feeling my cock expand inside her, Debbie moaned “Cum inside me, Billy!” The lava raced up my shaft and blasted deep inside her cunt. I gasped and shuddered, my orgasm tingling my balls, electrifying my thighs, tightening my
stomach and curling my toes!! I came so long and hard that it almost burned. (A good burn) It felt so good to cum deep inside her. I never imagined how good it would feel. I was hooked! Debbie cooed as I poured my juices into her, filling her with every last drop.
Distant thunder rolled through the truck stop as I collapsed atop her soft body. She stroked my hair, with her big tits smashed against me and I didn’t move, savoring the feeling of my cock inside of her, until I began to deflate. I rose up and began pulling out of her and she looked at me, lifted her head, and kissed me tenderly, just as the rain stopped. Then she said,” That was wonderful, Billy. You are one hell of a man!”
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