Monday, July 29, 2013

A Excerpt From Part #1 Of “Drive In Gang Bang”

You’ll love reading my new book.  Here’s a short excerpt:

“Please spank me, sir,” she whispered.
“What was that?” I asked, coming back around in front of her and standing close, looking directly into her eyes.
“P-please spank me, sir. I need you to spank me,” she said a little louder, looking back at me searchingly.
I let that hang in the air for a few seconds. “Okay, I’ll agree to spank you, but I’m warning you, I spank hard,” I said as I began to circle around her again, inspecting her. “I’ll spank you as long and as hard as I want to. In fact, I’m going to do whatever I want to do to you, and I’m definitely going to blister your ass by the time I’m done,” I added as I gazed down once again at her nice round bottom. “I don’t fool around when it comes to spanking, slut, so I’m going to give you one and only one chance to back out. Once I start, there’s no turning back, so either I leave now or prepare to get spanked for real,” I continued, coming around her other side. “But understand one thing. If I decide to stay, you’d better be ready to do anything and everything I tell you to, no matter what it is, or you’ll be punished severely.” With lips quivering she stood there trembling and I thought to myself, “She really is a pretty little thing.”
“So what’s it going to be?” I asked as I stood in front of her again, close enough that I could feel the heat of her breath on my neck. “Hurry up and decide.”
“I…I want you to stay,” she replied, a mixture of fear and longing in her eyes.
Words couldn’t begin to describe the rush of feelings I experienced at that moment. Gazing down at this beautiful woman holding her skirt up and waiting for my next command, I felt as if a hot itch went right down the center of my cock and penetrated me. Silently, I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, parting it to reveal a lacy white bra. Sliding my hands into the cups from the sides, I lifted her breasts out of them, bunching the material up below her tits, forcing them to press together and stick out lewdly


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Spanking & Gang Bang parody

Get your copy of my book Drive In Gang Bang today! In part one of my book you can read about Billy in a spanking scene with Misty. Part two has a very Billy and friends in a gang bang with Lana.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beat the rush

My book just went live! Wahooooo!
Billy survived nine long weeks of basic training topped with extra duty and has finally graduated. Given two weeks leave before he has to start a new assignment Billy decides he wants to see an exotic dancer named Cho before he goes home. He stops by a club named Killjoys where Cho is a dancer only to find out that she has gone to Korea to see her family.
Before he leaves Killjoys he meets a dancer named Misty who teaches him a whole new aspect of physical pleasure.
In part two Billy steps off the bus near his home town and is greeted by his high school sweetheart, Lana, who gives him a lift.
There is something different about sensuous Lana. She seems much more confident about her sexuality. Could it be that, like him, Lana has had some adventurous sexual encounters?
After a couple of nights at home Billy gets bored and goes into town to a bar. He meets three old friends and has a few beers with them. Lana shows up and invites them all to the drive in to “give this town something to talk about!”
After their night at the drive in, could Billy and Lana be in love? Or is it just physical.
Part one has a spanking scene that will have you gasping. Part two has MMMMF sex that will have you sweating!
A short novella, just over 10,000 words, of hot erotic fun. Not to be missed!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Will be here soon!

My book "Drive In Gang Bang" Is at the publishers and should be available by tomorrow. I'll keep you up to date. You don't want to miss this one!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Round Two

After doing a little rewriting I just got my book "Drive In Gang Bang" back from the editor. Now for round two. It should be published very soon and you'll want to read it! I know you'll love it!!

Here's a small sample:

He laid down beside her and pulled her on top of him, she leaned forward as his cock entered her wet pussy making her groan again, she kissed him and as they kissed they began fucking each other. Bob got on the bed behind her and took his hard cock and poked it in her ass, she was being double stuffed for the 1st time and it seemed she loved it. They were fucking respective holes and she was trying to match stroke for stroke. The fucking went on for several minutes and she started to cum again throwing her head back and screaming. “I’m cummmmmmmmmming, oh god I am cummmmmming.”


Lana’s body was pitching back and forth, a cock in her ass and one in her pussy until both men emptied their loads inside her a couple of seconds later. Then all three collapsed.

Tim not to be outdone pulled her back into a kneeling position where body and asshole were readily visible and available. He knelt and pushed his cock in her cum filled ass and fucked her until she came again then pulled his cock out of her ass with a plop sound and came on her butt cheeks. She appeared to pass out while the men watched her ass and pussy leaking cum. Then growing hard while looking at her, they turned her over. All three masturbated until they came on her face.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Drive In Gang Bang

I sent it to the editors and got it back.
I have to doing a little rewriting.
If all goes well it will be published very soon.

This was my Sunday. Lets C what happens 2day

Sunday Slumber (A Nice Surprise While My Sub Slept)

I walked in quietly and she was softly sleeping. she had the corner of a blanket across her belly, the pillow she was holding concealed her breasts for the most part but the blanket left her ass completely exposed. She was very considerate of her master and left the light on for me so she was wearing her blindfold to keep the light from her eyes. I smiled as I watched her sleep for a moment then walked to the shelf and opened the toy box. I again glanced at the bed and removed a slender toy and a tube of lube. I walked quietly to the bed, smiling at her sleep tangled hair and soft sighing, I sat quietly next to her and began to softly massage her ass. She moaned in her sleep and rubbed her ass against my hand. The more I rubbed the more soft moans escaped her lips. With one hand I popped the top off the lube and kept rubbing her with the other. I picked up the slender dildo and moved my hand long enough to lube the dildo. As my hand left her she pushed her ass toward me seeking my touch. I returned my hand gently rubbing and at the same time separating her cheeks until I had clear sight of her tight pink ass hole. I began to rub the tip of the dildo against her tight opening and she moaned loudly. she shoved back toward the dildo and the tip slipped into her opening. she began to squirm, pushing back at the intrusion to help it work in deeper. she moaned loudly and sighed in contentment. I began to gently fuck her ass and her moans filled the room.Amazing butt sex dildo photo featuring fabulous butt As I reveled in the sound of her I remembered the time at the beginning of the relationship when I had first started to claim her ass. She would whimper and plead and beg me to not be so persistent. But I would continue to stretch her and soon I was able to finger fuck her ass while she used a vibrator on her clit. I remembered how she clung to me the first time she climaxed to my finger in her ass. I thought about the hours spent a little at a time stretching her until I could comfortably fuck her with the dildo as I was doing now. Her moans turn to pleading and I noticed her hand was between her legs and she was begging me to make her cum. Master please fuck my ass please….oh god more master deeper please…oh god…the begging grew louder and more intense and I leaned over and whispered into her ear “cum”. I could feel her ass contract against the dildo as she began to cum…her climax over came her and she was lost in the orgasm for a small life time. As she started to come down from her climax I heard her sigh and she removed the blindfold to look into my lust filled eyes. She sighed deep;y and said “good evening master thank you so much…but once i catch my breath may i please return the favor”? I smiled at her and she buried her face on my lap sucking me hard…knowing she would not get to fuck me until I had shot a load…I let her work on me while I tried to decide just where this load would go….Betty sucks a long hard cock.  Only BlowjobBetty  Love.  Only BlowjobBetty Love facialized after sucking on a hot, long, hard cock.  Only BlowjobBetty Love facial after sucking on a hot hard cock.  Only Blowjob