Thursday, July 18, 2013

Round Two

After doing a little rewriting I just got my book "Drive In Gang Bang" back from the editor. Now for round two. It should be published very soon and you'll want to read it! I know you'll love it!!

Here's a small sample:

He laid down beside her and pulled her on top of him, she leaned forward as his cock entered her wet pussy making her groan again, she kissed him and as they kissed they began fucking each other. Bob got on the bed behind her and took his hard cock and poked it in her ass, she was being double stuffed for the 1st time and it seemed she loved it. They were fucking respective holes and she was trying to match stroke for stroke. The fucking went on for several minutes and she started to cum again throwing her head back and screaming. “I’m cummmmmmmmmming, oh god I am cummmmmming.”


Lana’s body was pitching back and forth, a cock in her ass and one in her pussy until both men emptied their loads inside her a couple of seconds later. Then all three collapsed.

Tim not to be outdone pulled her back into a kneeling position where body and asshole were readily visible and available. He knelt and pushed his cock in her cum filled ass and fucked her until she came again then pulled his cock out of her ass with a plop sound and came on her butt cheeks. She appeared to pass out while the men watched her ass and pussy leaking cum. Then growing hard while looking at her, they turned her over. All three masturbated until they came on her face.

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