Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beat the rush

My book just went live! Wahooooo!
Billy survived nine long weeks of basic training topped with extra duty and has finally graduated. Given two weeks leave before he has to start a new assignment Billy decides he wants to see an exotic dancer named Cho before he goes home. He stops by a club named Killjoys where Cho is a dancer only to find out that she has gone to Korea to see her family.
Before he leaves Killjoys he meets a dancer named Misty who teaches him a whole new aspect of physical pleasure.
In part two Billy steps off the bus near his home town and is greeted by his high school sweetheart, Lana, who gives him a lift.
There is something different about sensuous Lana. She seems much more confident about her sexuality. Could it be that, like him, Lana has had some adventurous sexual encounters?
After a couple of nights at home Billy gets bored and goes into town to a bar. He meets three old friends and has a few beers with them. Lana shows up and invites them all to the drive in to “give this town something to talk about!”
After their night at the drive in, could Billy and Lana be in love? Or is it just physical.
Part one has a spanking scene that will have you gasping. Part two has MMMMF sex that will have you sweating!
A short novella, just over 10,000 words, of hot erotic fun. Not to be missed!

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