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A few scenes from my next book coming in May... Precious  loved to be spanked..Topped of with some good in and out..Read all about it in "Drive In Gang Bang" (Taken by Force)

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Sensuous Promotions: Book Spotlight ~ Wonderfully Asian

Sensuous Promotions: Book Spotlight ~ Wonderfully Asian: AMAZON buy LINK Young Army recruit Billy Masters has left the farm headed straight to boot camp. His first night is spent off ba...

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My new book finally went live.. Tell me what ya think.(I can take it)\

Here is a blurb that was written before it went to the editor.


"Well, here it is." And so saying, she moved the thong to the side, revealing that scrumptious bald pussy that was burned in my memory. I couldn't wait any longer and began to kiss her pussy lips. At the first touch of my mouth, she moaned again and pressed her pussy right onto my face.
   I began to lick and suck, inhaling her perfume and her pussy scent, my hands squeezing her smooth ass cheeks, pulling her as close to my mouth as I could. As I licked, I could feel Kim's hands remove my shoes and socks. She then began to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my slacks. I felt the cool rush of air as Kim's hand pulled my cock free of my underwear, then the warm touch of her lips as she began to kiss my cock. I couldn't see Kim with my face full of Cho’s pussy, but she was giving me an expert blowjob, kissing my shaft and squeezing my balls, then taking my cock deep in her mouth. I could feel her saliva dripping down onto my balls as she sucked me deep.
   Cho was gyrating on top of me, driving my head deep into the pillow. My hands went up her body to find her tits and I began squeezing them, finding the hard nipples, looking up at this beautiful woman who was both getting pleasure from and giving pleasure to me. I moaned deeply as Kim took my cock extra deep.
    After a few minutes, I motioned for Cho to slide off of me. As she did, I looked down and watched Kim suck my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down on my prick; spit sliding out of the sides of her mouth. As much as I hated to have her stop, I knew that I wanted to fuck this pair of beauties.
As I sat up, Kim let my cock slide out of her mouth. I leaned forward and kissed her, telling her how amazing it felt, and even though she didn't speak English, I knew she understood. She kept stroking my hard cock as our tongues met and we kissed deeply.
I got up from the bed and removed my remaining clothes. Looking at Kim I asked, "Did you ever taste another girl’s pussy?"
With Cho translating she looked at her for a moment then back at me and shook her head no.
"But you want to, don't you?" I asked.
 Understanding what I had said, she smiled and nodded yes.

"Well, I am going to teach you how to eat pussy. Then, Cho is going to learn how to do it too." Cho lay on the bed with a smile on her face as I undressed.
When I was naked, I climbed onto the bed and knelt before Cho, her legs spread apart, with Kim sitting beside me.
 "Take off her panties," I said as I moved to help her and Cho translated. She moved between Cho’s legs and slipped her fingers under the thong and pulled it off. Cho rubbed her swollen clit with one hand as she anticipated what was about to happen.
I moved beside Kim between Cho’s outspread legs. I lay on my stomach and motioned for Kim to do the same. I started kissing Cho’s right leg, just above the knee, tasting her and loving the feel of her muscular thighs. I looked over and Kim was doing the same to her left leg, obviously enjoying the feel of her sister’s skin as well. Cho lay there with her eyes closed, a finger in her mouth and one hand rubbing her own tits.
I moved closer to Cho’s pussy and Kim followed me. We both were kissing Cho on each side of her wet pussy. "Now, put your mouth here," I gestured to Kim and indicated the woman’s hard clit. "Take her clit in your mouth, flick it with your tongue," I instructed Kim. Understanding she obediently bent her head, finding the engorged clit with ease. Cho gasped as Kim's mouth closed over her clit, raising her hips so that we could both get at her moist cunt. I moved my head lower, under Kim's, and began to lick the pussy lips, searching for her tight hole. Finding it, I plunged my tongue deep inside her, sending her into spasms of pleasure. Kim continued licking and flicking Cho’s clit. I could hear Kim lapping at Cho’s pussy as if she had been waiting all her life to taste another woman.
"Keep going," I urged Kim as I moved up to lie beside Cho. I bent over her and sucked her tits as Kim continued eating her pussy. Cho began to moan louder and shudder, and I knew she was about to come. She suddenly arched her back and let out a loud moan as she climaxed into her sisters mouth. Kim kept working on Cho’s pussy and I kept sucking her tits until she had come several times.

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I'm now writing my  next book "Drive In Gang Bang" (Taken by Force) and it will be coming soon! Here's a little preview:

I just let that hang in the air for a few seconds..."Okay, I'll agree to spank you, but I'm warning you... I spank hard," I said as I began to circle around her again, inspecting her. "And I'll spank you as long and as hard as I want to. In fact, I'm going to do whatever I want to do to you, and I'm definitely going to blister your ass by the time I'm done," I added as I gazed down once again at her nice round bottom. "I don't fool around when it comes to spanking, slut, so I'm going to give you one and only one chance to back out. Once I start, there's no turning back, so either leave now or prepare to get spanked for real," I continued, coming around her other side. "But understand one thing... If you decide to stay, you'd better be ready to do anything and everything I tell you to, no matter what it is, or you'll be punished severely." She really was a pretty thing... "So what's it going to be?" I asked, back in front of her again and close enough that I could feel the heat of her breath on my neck. "Hurry up and decide."

"I...I want to stay," she instantly replied, a mixture of fear and longing in her eyes.

Words couldn't begin to describe the rush of feelings I experienced at that moment, so I'm not going to even try to find any. Gazing down at this beautiful woman holding her skirt up and waiting for my next command, I felt as if a hot itch went right down the center of my cock and penetrated me. Silently, I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, parting it to reveal a lacy white bra. Sliding my hands into the cups from the sides, I lifted her breasts out of them, bunching the material up below her tits, forcing them to press together and stick out lewdly.

"You have a very nice pair of tits. Do you know that?" I asked, pinching her nipples gently and watching them wrinkle up as they grew erect.

Closing her eyes and arching her back, she didn't immediately reply.

"It seems you haven't learned to answer me yet, huh?" I quietly observed as I squeezed harder.

"No! I'm sorry! I'll answer you! I'm sorry, I..." she offered as I rudely cut her off in mid-sentence.

"Bend over and touch your toes," I gruffly ordered, letting go of her nipples and taking a step backwards.


Blinking a few times, she bent forward gracefully, resting the skirt on her back and extending her long red fingernails to press against the tips of her white leather shoes.

Walking past her and over to my desk, I reached down and opened the lower right-hand drawer, removing an old hardwood fraternity paddle. Rubbing its smooth surface against my palm as I turned back toward her, I weighed the paddle in my hand, carefully gauging its size and shape. It was about 4" wide, 18" long and 3/8" thick with three Greek letters painted in black on one side and a short rawhide string passing through a hole in its handle. And I knew from experience that it would deliver a serious wallop...As I approached her, I admired the pretty picture she was making for me -- bent completely over with her legs held straight, feet together, and the lovely bulge of her pussy encased in a thin white strip that disappeared between her thighs. Pulling the paddle back and aiming it across both cheeks, I wasted no time and gave her a crisp, hard spank.

Yelping loudly, she maintained her position.

Allowing her no time to rest, I spanked her five more times, watching her cheeks flatten with each hard swat. I have to admit, her high-pitched squeals pleased me greatly, as did her struggles to retain her balance.

My book "Menage A Billy" will be live today or tomorrow. Depending on Amazon

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Asian Babes Share Long WangTwo Beautiful Ladies Get RavagedTwo Luscious Ladies Enjoy Steamy Threesome

Pictures I would have considered as a cover for my next book " Menage A Billy" But the publishing guide lines would never allow it.
Which one would you pick?

My book is at the editors and will be published very soon. I'll keep you up to date. You won't want to miss it. Read the a blurb below and you'll agree!!