Well it’s 5:40 A.M. on Thursday  here in Las Vegas. Hump Day is  over. Just want to say  hope you had a great day. B4 I go, I’d like to leave you with a little tease, from my book:”Squirting Suzy’s Big O”
To me, there is nothing hotter than a woman who ejaculates when she cums.(Of course, you should help)
     I figured what was good for the goose was good for the gander, remembering what she had done with her finger and how great it felt, I dipped my finger in her juices, stopping to tap her clit a couple of times, then massaged the outer rim of her asshole, before I plunged my finger inside to the first knuckle and fucked her ass oven.
    As I did this Suzy came, harder than I could ever imagine possible, her body went into convulsions as she was moaning and grinding her clit against me fast enough to make fire in a rainforest. Her pussy lips clenched my rock-hard cock, milking me closer and closer to my release. As her pussy clenched and unclenched she began squirting love potion all over us. It was if a hole had been punched in a beaver dam as she peed cum juice all over the two of us. From the force of her explosion I would have thought she was peeing if I hadn’t notice that the color was light and creamy and not yellow. Suzy was actually ejaculating, as more and more juices splashed, covering me all the way up my body and into my open mouth, further confirming it was not pee but ambrosia and reaching all the way to her heaving breasts.
 Suzy then pulled away, scrambled to all fours, still squirting. I rammed my cock back into her pleasure palace and started rapid fucking. My thick cock got thicker, throbbing with anger and warning Suzy of the cream that was coming. Her pussy started milking my rock hard dick bringing me closer to a volcanic eruption. As Suzy and I both moaned and growled, her pussy jerked my penis until I exploded 
Squirting Honey Given Good Pussy Poundin
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