How about a little fun for this great Monday.
What follows is a true account of my first threesome.

I sat up and Kim let my cock slide out of her mouth. I leaned forward and kissed her, telling her how amazing it felt, and even though she didn’t speak English, I knew she understood. She kept stroking my hard cock as our tongues met and we kissed.
I got up from the bed and looking lustfully at Kim I asked, “Did you ever taste another girl’s pussy?”
With Cho translating she looked at her for a moment then back at me and shook her head no.
“But you do want to, don’t you?” I asked.
Understanding what I had said, she smiled and nodded yes.
“Well, I am going to teach you how to eat pussy. Then, Cho is going to learn how to do it too.” Cho lay on the bed with a smile on her face while I finished undressing.
When I was naked, I climbed onto the bed and knelt before Cho, her legs spread apart, with Kim sitting beside me.
 ”Take off her panties,” I said as I moved to help her and Cho translated. She moved between Cho’s legs and slipped her fingers under the thong and pulled it off. Cho rubbed her swollen clit with one hand as she anticipated what was about to happen.
I moved beside Kim between Cho’s outspread legs. I lay on my stomach and motioned for Kim to do the same. I started kissing Cho’s right leg, just above the knee, tasting her and loving the feel of her muscular thighs. I looked over and Kim was doing the same to her left leg, obviously enjoying the feel of her sister’s skin as well. Cho lay there with her eyes closed, a finger in her mouth and one hand rubbing her own tits.
I moved closer to Cho’s pussy and Kim followed me. We both were kissing Cho on each side of her wet pussy. “Now, put your mouth here,” I gestured to Kim and indicated the woman’s hard clit. “Take her clit in your mouth and flick it with your tongue,” I instructed Kim. Understanding, she obediently bent her head, finding the engorged clit with ease. Cho gasped as Kim’s mouth closed over her clit, raising her hips and pushing her knees to her chest so that we could both get at her moist cunt. I moved my head lower, under Kim’s, and began to lick the pussy lips, searching for her tight hole. Finding it, I plunged my tongue deep inside her, sending her into spasms of pleasure. Kim continued licking and flicking Cho’s clit. I could hear Kim lapping at Cho’s pussy as if she had been waiting all her life to taste another woman.
“Keep going,” I urged Kim as I moved up to lie beside Cho. I bent over her and sucked her tits as Kim continued eating her pussy. Cho began to moan louder and shudder, and I knew she was about to cum. She suddenly arched her back and let out a loud moan as she climaxed into her sisters mouth. Kim kept working on Cho’s pussy and I kept sucking her tits until she had cum several times.
Two Luscious Ladies Enjoy Steamy Threesome
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