What follows is a few words about the first time I tasted a woman’s pussy!
I just kind of licked my way down until I reach the cutest little belly button I had ever seen. It was an inny and quite deep. I slowly licked a few circles around it’s edge and then I stuck my tongue inside and began licking and sucking! As soon as I did that Jan actually came. “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!” “Please don’t stop.” Jan was shaking and shouting.”Fuck, Oh fuck, Fuck, So Good!”
         Jan then quickly undid her pants. Pulled her pants and panties off and tossed them in the back while begging, “Please eat me Billy! I can’t stand it.  I have to have that amazing tongue inside me!”
          I had read about cunnilingus and how much women enjoyed it, buy was hesitant because I didn’t know if I could handle the taste or if I would be lousy at it and turn Jan off because of my lack of experience. But it’s what Jan wanted an by hell it’s what she was going to get! 
          Jan had a small trail of blond hair leading from her belly button to a small patch just above her pussy, and the rest was as bald a baby’s bottom.
          It was driving Jan insane as I slowly licked my way down that trail, stopping to tease and pull on her hair.
        When I got to her pussy I took a moment to look at the beauty before me! The outer lips of her vagina where dark red and glistening with her womanly secretions. I slowly ran a finger up and down the tender crease and her pussy lips opened, on their own, like a red rose blooming. What an amazing, extremely hot, sight to see! A picture that was forever burned into my brain!
       Her smell was like that of a cat in heat. Sharp and musky– a little earthy.  Very intoxicating and arousing!
       “Please Billy,” Jan shouted. “Quit teasing me and eat that Fucking cunt!”
     I started by slowing kissing and licking the outer lips of her pussy driving Jan even more insane!
     The taste was incredible! It flavor was a bit salty and tangy, yet sweet as honey and a bit acidic. I was hooked!!
     I drove my tongue inside Jan’s pussy and she went wild, Cumming immediately and almost drowning me in her juices. She grabbed my head and with a vice like grip, shoved my tongue as far as it would go, screaming,” That’s so fucking GOOD!  Yeah Billy! Eat that pussy… suck out all that cunt juice!  I can’t stand it!  You’re driving me fucking crazy! Please suck on my CLIT!” Jan then took her fingers and rolled back the skin at the top of her pussy, exposing her clit. I took a couple of swipes with my tongue, and then began sucking on it, as I had her nipple. Jan began Cumming and screaming again! “OH Fuck, Oh Shit, Fuck yeah! Sooooo fucking good!” “Billy, you are fantastic!!”
    I had worried that I may not like eating pussy or that I may not be any good. And although I almost suffocated, I absolutely loved it and I took to it like a new born calf to its mother’s teat!!
    After a while Jan breathlessly stated that she couldn’t take any more. That she was getting too sensitive and had to take a break! With a face soaked with female orgasmic juices, my underwear soaked with pre-cum and my dick so hard it was painful, I reluctantly stopped for the moment and set back on the seat of my car.
   Jan looked at me with a dreamy smile on her face, and in a breathless and sultry voice stated, “Don’t worry baby, give me a few minute to come down from this orgasmic high, and then it will be your turn.” 
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