Lovely sentiment don’t you think!? Let’s have a little anal fun. Shall we?
    My hands reached under her bottom to bring her ass nearer to my face. I returned to nibbling and licking her swelling lips and her moans became louder, and I sensed another furious climax was near. I licked her clitoris directly for the first time, and then sucked on it harder. Her legs began to shake almost uncontrollably now, she wrapped them around my back, her hands clutching furiously at my head, and I spread her ass cheeks wide and eased a knuckle into the pinkish-brown puckered hole of her anus, penetrating her asshole gently, but from her reaction, VERY effectively.

   My tongue darted in and out and up and down and around the sides then over her love-button then down to the tight piece of skin between her pussy and her bum hole. Her entire body rose off of the couch as she arched her back and she thrust her mound against my tongue until with a scream of joy her orgasm engulfed her.  My grateful and waiting tongue felt the rush of the waves as I licked and sucked rhythmically matching her body’s spasms, while sneaking a second knuckle into her tight, hot asshole. This evoked a warm stream of yellow-white milky fluid to spurt from her cunt, which splashed all over my face into my mouth and ran down my throat.
   Sara opened her eyes and peered down at me, still lapping between her legs, and she had the wildest look in those icy-blue eyes.
   Without wasting any conversation, she rolled on her stomach and she let three of her own fingers slide inside of herself to the first knuckle, then she spread her asshole.
  “I need your cock here,” she softly begged.
   Desiring to being agreeable to a lady’s request, I positioned myself on top of her so that my more-than eager cock head was stationed just on the crack of her ass, and she turned to smile at me over her shoulder, and uttered the phrase that caused  my cock to twitch.  
  “I happen to be a woman who appreciates a slow, sensual ass-fuck.”

    I almost came right then!
   Sara rotated her hips upward so that her delightful little crinkle was perfectly presented. I moved in on my knees, placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her rectum and after several attempts I finally inserted the head past her anal muscle.  As I did Sara squealed like a stuck pig and I began to pull back out. “No, leave it in, just give me a second to get used to it,” she pleaded.  I paused for a second then moved in slowly, looking for a sign that I should stop. I got no such sign.
    Her sweet canal fit like a very tight kid glove, it was hotter than any I could remember and our coupling was astoundingly tender and special.
    A woman like Sara, who likes having her behind invaded, even loves or prefers it, was giving me one rewarding ass fuck. She didn’t make the slightest pretense of not wanting my cock buried in her ass; she had requested it, even bypassing vaginal penetration.  Anal sex was for Sara a normal and necessary adjunct to more traditional and accepted carnal activities. Who was I to quibble?
   This had to be the tightest hole I’d ever fucked. The mouth of her asshole was grasping my cock like a tiny rubber band that slid up and down my hard length as we fucked in perfect rhythm, the only sound in the living room was my balls smacking against her ass and pussy.
   Sara’s ass fantastic. Her asshole was a tight grasping ring around my shaft, pulsating in waves of pleasure, tightening, then loosening, then squeezing tight again. And the inside of her ass was warm and slick like a fur lined glove.
   The icing on the cake though, as ‘they’ say, was when she urged my release with another phrase that shall live through the ages. “Please, Billy my redneck lover” she purred again. “Fuck my ass with your big stiff cock.

 Lara Stevens on AssholeFever
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