Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is my most recent book. Published by Amazon & Edited by Nanci Arivzu
Read it, enjoy it and please review it.

EXCERPT:While she massaged my balls with one hand, her other hand reached down between her legs and after sliding her thong down and off her legs, shoved two fingers into her pussy, fucking herself and climaxing quickly. Still sucking and massaging my balls, she slowly came down from her orgasm.
Popping my cock from her mouth, she  swung her leg over my lap, grabbed my dick, aimed it at the entrance to her gushing pussy, then slammed down, taking me all the way inside, until my balls collided with her ass. Almost immediately she started screaming and gushing, riding my cock, grinding back and forth, then bouncing up and down, like a woman possessed. Moments later she hopped of my cock, turned her back to me, spread her ass cheeks wide and screamed for me to fuck her in the ass.
Getting behind her as quickly as possible, I held my cock to the entrance of her rosebud and with one hard shove, sank my cock all the way the hilt, causing her to scream out another orgasm, clamping down with her ass muscle.
With her asshole now flexing and trying to push me out, I couldn't hold out any longer and with a mighty roar I started shooting hot man lava deep in her bowels.

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