Monday, March 18, 2013

My 1st time!
Virginity Lost (Billy Masters and Sex)

As she had done before she unbuttoned my pants and reached in my shorts, pulled out my cock and began rubbing it. Once again my request for a blow job fell on deaf ears. What the hell, I thought this feels fantastic and I was not going to chance alienating her and have her stop the hand massage. After a couple of minutes, she lowered her head into my lap and to my elated surprise ran her tongue along the length of my shaft. She flicked her tongue over my balls and alternated between my rock hard shaft and cum filled balls. I was sensing that as good a she was she had either done this before or was a natural expert. But I didn't care. I was in ecstasy! I opened my eyes and watched as a small glistening spot of cum formed at the tip of my dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked it up. This was making me crazy and if I wanted it to last I had to try concentrating on something like dissecting frogs or the sight of old man Jenkins clipping his funky smelly toenails! It worked for a while but I knew it wasn't going to last. Then she stuck the tip of her tongue in the piss slit on the head and worked at trying to tongue fuck my cock. She could tell I wasn't going to be able to take much more so she took my penis in her mouth and began working at going all the way to the base. She couldn't get all of it in but got damn close. She settled in to a rhythm and began sliding her mouth up and down while pausing every so often to tease the mushroom head and suckle and lick my balls.
It didn't take long and after what I guessed to be about five minutes, I sensed the end was near. I started breathing heavily and practically begged her not to stop. She sucked hard on the top half of my cock while using her hand to stroke the base. My balls tightened and I lifted up off the seat, bucking my hips and thrashing about like a mad man. I felt the cum travel up my shaft and the first little bit just kind of trickled into her mouth. Then I blasted a hale of sperm bullets. The first shot hit the roof of her mouth like a fire hose and was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth shot filling her mouth. She tried to capture it all but it was to much and some leaked out the corners of her mouth dripping down my cock onto her hand. The fifth & sixth shots were not quite as much and by the seventh I was done. I was amazed and somewhat proud of the volume of sperm I had shot! Debbie held the jism that she had manged to capture in her mouth for a short time, trying to figure out whether to spit it out or swallow it, but to my utter delight she then swallowed it, stating, "she had been savoring it." She then put her mouth back on my cock and cleaned me up, licking the cum that had leaked down my shaft. She then brought my cock head to her mouth and licked off the cum that that was still oozing from the slit and sucking out any remnants of baby oil that may be left over. “No more sticky balled up tissues. Not bad for a first blow job, huh?" Then winked. "Hell no," I laughed. "That was amazing!!" Then kissed her and thanked her profusely.

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