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Here’s a little tease:
Margo took a drink of her wine and sat closer to me. “I want you to know that the time we have spent together has been wonderful Billy, it seems like yesterday that we met and yet is seems like I have known you forever.”
I grinned back at her, and drank in her beauty. Besides her smoldering brown eyes, she had honey blonde hair that fell down her back. I always had to fight the impulse to wipe the stray hair away from her face when I looked at her. Her lips were so full and red, and my thoughts of kissing them never seemed to go away. I never thought I’d meet such a wonderful woman in my life, but Jill showed me otherwise. To me Margo had no flaws; she liked to complain that her breasts were too small, but I loved them, they were like caressing a peach, soft and firm to the touch, and so delicious to taste. There was one big thing that Margo did have and that was her brain. I loved her intelligence. Even when we disagreed, our conversations were lively and enlightening.
I sat my glass down, and moved closer to Margo, I heard a soft sigh escape from her lips just before I gently kissed her. I pulled back and our eyes locked our shared desire evident. Taking my hand I brushed my fingers along her cheek and down her neck; she tilted her head to my fingers and closed her eyes. My fingers moved back up her face as I caressed it and moved in to kiss her again. Her lips parted and met mine. Her hands grasped and held my head close to hers. I kissed her cheek and gave little kisses down her neck, slowly.
Pulling back I looked into her burning eyes. “It’s time we went to the bedroom love.” I whispered to her as I stood. She merely nodded and stood to join me. We walked to my room and I kissed her passionately as soon as we entered. Her lips continued to search for mine as her hand started to rub the front of my pants, making me hold my breath. I started to kiss down her neck again, but this time, I unbuttoned her blouse and kissed down her chest right after I undid each button. A small breath escaped her after I got to each button, undoing it, and letting my tongue do a small lick before each tender kiss. I got down on my knees and kissed her sexy stomach, I opened up the blouse and she let it fall from her shoulders onto the floor. I looked up at her and she moaned achingly. I moved my hands behind her back and grabbed the zipper to her skirt, pulling it down slowly as I dragged my lip down her stomach. Finally I unzipped the skirt and Margo stepped out of it, as I looked at her amazing body. She had on a lacy black bra and panty set, the panties an unexpected thong, showing off her dancer’s ass. I smiled to myself. Margo didn’t normally wear sexy lingerie. She had dressed up for me.
I kissed her heated lips and she pulled out my shirt and unbuttoned it. She had it undone quickly and my bare chest was exposed, her soft hands caressing my chest, then pulling the shirt from my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. I loved feeling her. Her body was close to mine and she undid my belt and pants. Soon those were off as well. I took in the sight of us, her in her sexy lingerie and me in my silky blue boxers.