My new book is now live! Don’t miss out on this great story. A story that is guaranteed to turn you on!  Spanking & BDSM at it’s best. A love story with a twist.
Here’s a little blurb:
 Billy and Margo met over three years ago. They became lovers quickly and soon moved in together. Their passion and physical chemistry were unbeatable, but after a year they split up. They were always fighting and realized that they had nothing in common outside of the bedroom. Even though they broke up, they stayed very closed friends. Close enough that, when neither one of them where in a current relationship, they would satisfy each other’s physical needs. One evening Billy receives a late night phone call from Margo, who was crying hysterically. She had caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Billy listened and was soon cheering her up. Since he didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and Margo didn’t want to be alone, he invited her to his place to spent the night. Only this time their love making turns into something much different as they try an experiment with spanking.
The passion and heat are still there. After that first new experience, they decide to experiment even further. Find out if it all works out or if it’s a total disaster. Will they stay friend and their love become stronger or will this break up the friendship? The scenes in this book are hot, very descriptive and intended for adults only. 18+
If you are a fan of erotica and the spanking and bdsm genre, you will absolutely love this book. a short story of 5400 words.
How about an excerpt:
Margo giggled, and then explained that while she and Rod were together, he had gotten her to read some spanking, bondage and discipline books and that they had watched a few movies. He had tried several times to initiate it into their love making, but she never really trusted him enough to agree. She admitted how reading and watching movies about it had really turned her on and how much she wanted to try it. She trusted Billy and knew that he would never really hurt her.
“Didn’t you enjoy it?” she asked.
“I fucking loved it! I was just afraid that I had hurt you. I can see now by how wet you’re making the bed and all that purring that you’re just fine.”
“Better than fine, Sir. I’m ecstatic!”
“I think I kind of like being called Sir,” he growled.
“Yes, Sir, but only in the bedroom. Is that ok?”
“You have a deal and in the bedroom I’ll call you m. or my little sub. In the bedroom I am your Dominant. I know a little about spanking and the B/D also. Would you want me to bind, blindfold, spank and use you as I see fit and use the safe word ‘red’ if it got to be too much and you couldn’t handle anymore?” 
“Oh yes, Sir. I trust you with all my heart and it would be fantastic. I’m exhausted. May I go to sleep now, Sir?”