My next book was going to be a novella called, “My Submissive Little Wican” (A working title)
But I have but that on the back burner for now. I had an experience over the weekend that has inspired a different book for now, which will be out in the next couple of weeks.
I would love some feedback & some help with the title. If I like the title and use it, I’ll send you a free copy, if you want.
Here is an excerpt:
The kinkiest sex that he and his fuck buddy had ever had was anal & that had only happened a few times. But as he entered her pussy from behind and slowing began fucking, Margo gasped, “you can spank me if you want, please.”
In the past Billy had playfully slapped her bottom during sex and they had both enjoyed it, so he lightly slapped both of her ass cheeks.
“No Billy, I mean please really spank me and fuck me harder!”
Billy shoved his cock into her pussy as hard and as far as it would go and spanked her a little harder.
Smack smack..
“Please do it harder than that,” she panted.
As he drove in and out of her pussy he spanked her again.
Smack  smack.
”Oh shit, that’s so good, harder please, harder. I need it to hurt!” Margo moaned.
Billy’s hand came down hard, with a furry of slaps, as he continued fucking her long and steady.
“Oh god yes, owww, please don’t stop Sir,” she screamed, as her pussy went in to spasms and began squirting hot juice all over Billy’s cock, balls, his legs and the bed.
Hearing Margo call him sir spurred Billy on.