Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anal August

Since August is coming to a close and has been called “Anal August”, m and me would be remiss if we hadn’t celebrated it properly.
Who are we kidding, we just love anal sex!!
Anywho, let me share last Fridays anal celebration……

Friday afternoon I sent m a text to call me when she got a chance and within just a few minute she called.
I told her how great it would be to see her that evening. Then I explained why I wanted her to call. I told her that before she left her house I wanted her to insert her small butt plug and to keep it in until she got to my house and I removed it.
When m arrived I had her undress at the door, turn around and bend over. There it was just as I had instructed.What a beautiful sight to behold.

I removed the butt plug and told her what a great little sub she was for doing what she was told.
She thanked me and then told me how sorry she was that she had not inserted the plug until she gotten most of the away here.
When i questioned her about it she hesitated then told me how uncomfortable it would have been wearing it all the way here. She wasn’t going to say anything but when I called her a great little sub she had to confess. Then she once again told me how sorry she was. Then she smiled.
I’ve been bad Sir and I need to be punished. Please spank me for disobeying.”
I took her by the hand and lead her into my bedroom.
As you wish my brat!”
Then I laid her on the bed and gave her a good spanking until her ass was nice and red.

While i was spanking her I fingered her asshole and swatted her clit several times and she was soon cumming and soaking us and the bed. 
After the spanking I undressed and brought out our toy box.
I told m to assume the doggy position and to spread her ass cheek. I took some anal beads, applied a generous amount of lube and slowly inserted them into m’s asshole.
Once all the beads were inserted I laid on my back and had m climb over me in the sixty nine position.
As m took my hard cock into her mouth I began eating her pussy. Fucking her deep with my tongue, sucking her labia and sucking and biting her clit.
m was soon moaning around my cock and squirting her juices and just as she started to cum I slowly pulled the anal beads out. Each time a bead slipped out, m climaxed, until she was squirting and cumming non stop.
As the finally bead was pulled out I stopped her sucking and put her into the doggy position then ram my cock balls deep into her asshole with one thrust.

As m moaned her approval I started fucking her hard and deep. While doing that I reached around and alternated between pinching and slapping her nipples and then her clit.
After a few minutes of hard fucking I couldn’t hold out any longer and I shot gigantic load of my scalding cum deep inside m’s asshole. 
As I started shooting my load I spanked m’s clit harder and she screamed out, cumming and squirting even more.
After I finished cumming I pulled out and quickly inserted the butt plug I had brought in with me. Then I had her lay on her back while I brought her some orange juice and then cradled her in my arms.
Soon we both drifted off to sleep. 
About an hour later I woke up and quietly got out of bed, went into the bathroom, took a piss and cleaned up. 
I took a warm wet washcloth out and began cleaning m. In a few moment she woke up with a smile and a thank you. 
My cock had became hard again and I kneeled over her face and began smacking her lips with it. 
Please let me suck it Sir.” she moaned as she opened her mouth wide. 
Happy to oblige I shoved my hardon into her mouth and she began licking and sucking with gusto.
A few moment later I pulled my cock out and told her to turn over and get on all fours.
While she did that I got two vibrators out of the toy box and covered them with lube.
 When I pulled the butt plug out of m, my cum starting running out, covering her asshole and pussy. I took the washcloth and cleaned off my cum and then I inserted one of the vibrators into her asshole and the other in her pussy and turned them on full force.
I started fucking her hard and deep with both vibrators within seconds m was cumming once again.
I had m hold the vibrator in her pussy and told her to keep fucking herself while I kept fucking her asshole. I moved around to the front of m and lifted up her chin.
With a smile she open her mouth wide and I shove my cock to the back of her throat.
At first ours positions were rather awkward but we soon developed a good rhythm as I fucked her throat with my cock and her asshole with the vibrator and she fucked her pussy with the other vibrator.
m started having multiple orgasms and I soon joined her with an orgasm of my own, squirting my second load of the night into m’s mouth. It wasn’t as copious an amount as earlier but was still a large enough load that she couldn’t swallow all of it and some ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin.
It seemed like we both came for hours, but after a few moment our orgasms subsided and with a couple of smacks to m’s ass I pulled my cock out of her mouth and the vibrator out of her asshole and she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy.
I flopped over on my back and m rolled over beside me. She smiled, wiped the cum from her mouth and chin, licked it off her finger, snuggled up and was soon fast asleep. I joined her moments later and we slept until morning. 

When we both woke up I turned m onto her side, away from me and entered her asshole with my morning hardon and made slow passionate love to her asshole until I filled it with hot cum and she soaked the bed with her the bed with her orgasm.

1982058_492680427520579_1784343893_n duck 

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