Saturday, May 18, 2013

I almost forgot that this is Masturbation month.
Here's to Masturbation!

That third night after I dropped Debbie off at home I was so horny and my cock was so hard that I only made it about a half a mile from her house and I had to pull over , pull out my cock and get some relief! I was so hard and horny and my balls were so full that it only took half a dozen pulls on my cock and I was shooting cum all over my hand, pants and steering wheel.
On the fourth date I managed to get my hand inside Debbie’s blouse & bra and feel how wonderful her tits were. Those monuments to sexy were soft, yet so firm, with nipples hard as rock. As we were kissing and I was fondling her tits my other hand was slowly rubbing her pussy on the outside of her jeans. When she began to squirm and moan I tried to unbutton her jeans and was told “no”. Within minutes Debbie stated that she needed to get home and our night sadly ended. Once again on my way home I had to make a quick stop at the side of the road and jack off! By now I'm thinking that maybe I should try dating someone else if I wanted anything more than making out and then pleasuring myself!?
The very next night as I was nibbling on her ear and massaging her breasts, she began rubbing my cock with trembling hands and I had to really concentrate to keep from shooting my load and making a mess in my shorts. I whispered to her, almost pleading, to take out my cock and give me a hand massage. After several requests she slowly unzipped and unbuttoned my pants then reached inside my underwear. My cock was like granite and soaking with pre-cum and at her first touch, it jerked in her fingers. This startled her and she jerked her hand away asking if I had just cum?
I assured her I had not cum and my cock was so wet, slippery and jerking because of how horny I was for her and how happy she was making me.
This comment brought a large smile on her face and she reached back inside my shorts to explore. “Billy”, she exclaimed. “It's so hard, yet so soft! Can I see it?” With a soft moan and a nod of my head I helped her pull down my briefs.
When she first saw it her eyes became as big as saucers and a small gasp escaped her lips as she stated that, other than in pictures, it was the first one she had ever seen or touched. Debbie began touching and exploring my dick and then my testicles and looked as if she was really enjoying herself.
I had begun masturbating before I could even ejaculate and I love the feel of my hand as it slides up and down my cock and fondles my balls. But I had never had anyone else jack me off. Debbie doing it was ten times better. Her hand was like a velvet glove gliding up and down my dick.
Needless to say, I was in heaven! After a few minute of exploration she began to slowly move her hand up and down my cock and with suggestions from me, rub her thumb over the crown. With all the play and anticipation I was soon to the point of no return and knew it would be only seconds before I would explode! I asked her if she would please cup and massage my balls. As soon as she wrapped her hand around them and gave a small squeeze I blasted off. My orgasm was so intense and I had built up so much cum that the first shot hit Debbie's upper arm and the sleeve of her blouse. The second shot hit the front of her blouse. Then as she moved my cocked a third and fourth shot hit the bottom of my tee shirt and lower abdomen. I had never had a more intense orgasm or cum so much in my life. I almost passed out, as my orgasm subsided and more cum coated Debbie's hand and fingers! I opened my eyes thanking her for how great she made me feel and how great she was.

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